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Elder Jake Hough, 8.8.18--week 2

Sziastok! (Literally Hello y'all in Hungarian :D)

This last week was even CRAZIER than the first, for many reasons, of which I will get to soon. But I wanted to start with my testimony that God and His Son Jesus Christ live, and direct their church through a living prophet today, Russell M Nelson. He Loves us all and wants us to return to live with Him again. Alright, onto the week.

First off the MTC is AMAZING and I love it here. It's harder than anything else I've done, but it's amazing. It's the simplest yet most complicated way to live life. But to start off, I want ya'll to know: Temple cafeteria food is manna in the wilderness, it is DIVINE (agreed!!!). After our initiatories today we had some food and OOOOOOOOH Man it was tokeletes (perfect). Makes me kinda not wanna go back to MTC cafeteria food....hehe. But the initiatory ordinances pour out blessings so much s that I have to keep going back to catch them all they are so great, one of my favorite parts of the temple. 

So last thursday was Christensen and Reynolds nover ("Sister" in Hungarian) and I's last chance to teach our person, Edit (one of our teachers). We had talked for three lessons about basically the same thing, just going into detail about the Holy Ghost, what it feels like and how to tell if it's in your life, and we taught her prayer. Well I felt strongly in planning for our last lesson that we should talk about the restoration and invite her to be baptized, cause it says in Preach My Gospel (standard curriculum for missionaries) that you should "Never hesitate to extend the invitation to baptism after the first lesson, even if they haven't read the BoM (Book of Mormon) yet, because that is how powerful the spirit can testify Brothers and Sisters. So I felt this and brought it up in comp(anion) study, but the sisters both felt we shouldn't, and I didn't want to argue and the whole companion situation is still getting used to so I didn't say anything but almost felt myself saying the invitation out loud the spirit was constraining me that much. I asked them again and more firmly one of the sisters said no we shouldn't. So, a little frustrated I gave up trying to get them on board. I thought it out before the lesson, and I felt my entire being seemingly screaming at me to ask her to be baptized. She's prayed and read the scriptures and asked. The invitation had to be made. But we get into the lesson and nothing came out. I kept my mouth shut, because I was afraid at what the sisters would say if I went against what we had "agreed" on. There was a pause in conversation and I still didn't do it, and I'll be honest, I felt AWFUL the rest of the day. I had just denied someone the opportunity to come unto Christ because I was SCARED of what the sisters would say. It was role play, yes, but it might as well have been a real investigator, and I couldve held that opportunity from them because of my fear of man, not God. I got on my knees that night and pleaded for forgiveness, and my words to you that are from the late prophet Thomas S Monson: "NEVER, EVER, postpone a prompting." EVER. Act on the promptings of the spirit and you will never go astray. I know this to be true. But I learned from it, and have vowed to not do it again.

Also this week my musical abilities are being put to the test thank GOODNESS! I've wanted to play piano this entire time and only on friday last week did I find out that Christensen Nover plays violin and she is GOOD. REALLY GOOD. So we found an arrangement and are practicing it for a tuesday or sunday devitional, which would be in front of possibly general authorites and 2200 missionaries...much bigger than I'm used to. But with the Lord all things are possible, I am just really grateful for the opportunity to play the piano at this point. That arrangement if you wnat to look it up and listen to it is Amazing Grace/As now we take the Sacrament/How Great Thou Art medley. It is gorgeous, simple yet powerful, and As Now we Take the Sacrament is offically my favorite hymn because of this arrangement. It's so thoughtful and deep. I encourage you to look the medley up. It's by a man by the last name of McCabe. And my german companion Elder Suanders can play cello, and we just got Steven Sharp Nelsons A poor Wayfaring arrangement, and we'll do that before the end of the month. My good friend Elder Delpontone left for Anaheim California ASL mission this week, yesterday actually, and he is AMAZING. Even if he is going to alabama (Roll Tide?) I love him so much he's an inspiration to me and a true friend. I'll have a pic of us attached. (Also for those of you who went and read the Christlike Character Talk, that is the similar title but not anywhere NEAR the same address. I learned after I emailed about it that "Character of Christ" is a MTC specific address, and I'll ask around to see where I can get it. Bocsi akkor az!)

There is so much I want to say but I can't say it all, you'll have to get a lot of it when I get back, and itll be in my journals, but I want y'all to know that the adversary is cunning. He is the Master of making you feel icky, sad, and inadequate but most importantly, like you don't measure up. That happened this week where one day I was feeling unaturally down about the language and as a class we had already made weekly plans for the rest of the MTC language wise, and I felt like I wasn't doing enough. Then I was reading in the Hungarian Triple combo (Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price all in one book) (Which I have and it's beautiful) and I was pointing out some grammar that started to make sense to Delpontone, the elder I'm close with. He then turned to me and said that is a miracle you can understand that already just 14 days in. And I said thanks and all but then it clicked: Satan hadn't tried to get me by saying YOU CANT DO IT, he almost got me by saying YOU ARENT DOING ENOUGH. Which is crazy to see. So be looking for that in yalls life. If you ever feel like you aren't doing enough, or you could be doing more, pray to know if there is anything, ask someone else, and if you are doing enough and that is just you feeling like personally you arent doing enough yet you are, don't get tooo ahead of yourself, or Satan can use that against you. 

I love yall and wish I could say more but there is too much, but know that Christ died for YOU, and that they want you to use that Atonement of Christ to come closer to Him.

Til next week! Sziastok es szeretek vagytok! WHOOP! (Texas A&M Aggies will yell this as an expression of approval or excitement ;)

Hough Elder

Squire Testver and Hungarian District (group of missionaries going to the same mission) selfie.
The Hungarian District (in other words, Jake and six sister missionaries :)
Group photo with the zone (a group of several different districts at the Missionary Training Center)
 Squire Testver--He's so fun!
 Elders Delpontone and Hough
 Elders in the zone all before the ASL missionaries left

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