Monday, February 4, 2008

Satan Gets Married

The last two Mondays, we've had the boys teach the lesson for Family Home Evening. Last week, Jake taught us about the Tree of Life. He asked us to think about what we already knew about the account in 1 Nephi and to listen for new things. He retold the story in his own words. Then we had an activity using the "iron rod" (or in our case the Swiffer handle) to prove how much easier it is to get to where we need to be when we hold fast to the rod than without AND being blindfolded. He did a fabulous job.

Tonight Cooper was in charge. He taught us the lesson he had in Primary yesterday which Cooper informed was about following Jesus or Satan. During the day, I helped him prepare by finding out what he had learned and what he wanted to share. He told me that we followed Jesus (in our pre-earth life) because we had bodies and the people who followed Satan did not. He told me we have to follow Jesus now and make good choices or we can't live with Heavenly Father again and that Satan wants us on his side. Wow....Then he told me that there was a Mrs. Satan. Oh really? "Yes", he said, quite matter of factly as if he were ready to show me right where it was in the scriptures. "Her name is Lucyfer."

Cooper also executed a magnificent lesson. He asked the family questions and he knew whether the answer was right or not without my prompting. He even taught us the activity he had played in Primary class the day before. He had a little red stick in his hand. He explained he was going to turn away from us and hide it in one of his fists. We each had a turn to guess for ourselves. If we guessed the hand that the stick was in "ding, ding, ding" we chose correctly and got to take a step toward him (which represented eternal life). If we guessed the empty hand, we guessed wrong and had to stay where we were. The person who reached Cooper first, won. That would be Mommy!! But only because Cooper showed mercy and suggested I might try a certain hand since I was in last place. Hey, I'm not prideful. I'll take all the help I can get.