Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cooper's Baptism

It's official. Cooper was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 3 hours ago. I'm posting these pictures for my parents' benefit as they are in Scotland and were unable to attend. I told them not to feel bad however, because even though I was in the building, I missed practically all of it myself. I had to tend to 'the beast' (otherwise known as Calvin). He was as naughty as I was hoping and praying he wouldn't be. I managed to see Cooper get baptized as much as you can when you're kneeling on the floor trying to keep an eye on your 2 and 4-year-olds and see through the masses. I think there were 80+ people there for the 4 baptisms. It was packed! Which is a wonderful thing for the children who were being baptized.

I missed hearing my father-in-law speak on the Gift of the Holy Ghost who received many compliments from people afterward. From young children to teenagers to adults and visiting guests. At the beginning of Doc's talk, Calvin was sitting with Jared on the front row, but was so squirmy and LOUD and down right ornery, I had no option but to take him out in the hall 20 seconds after the talk began. For the tenth time.

There were 4 baptism candidates and Cooper was the 3rd in line, as it was outlined in the program. I just assumed that they would follow the same order when confirming the children too. So as I waited out in the hall, I could tell when Doc was done with his talk and there was a shift in activity. Confirmations would be starting. I heard the quiet murmuring of a confirmation being given and listened as hard as I could for an "amen" and would wait for the next one to be given and then Cooper would be next. Except that...after that first confirmation, out walks my Bishop and his wife and they looked at me, surprised and said "we didn't know you weren't in there." I was confused and clearly it showed because Vickie asked if I heard the confirmation. Still confused, I said no (why would I?). And then she said they did Cooper first because Bishop had to go on the youth temple trip within the next half hour. My heart sank. I missed what I think is the best part of the whole baptism day...when Jared lays his hands on the heads of our children to give them a blessing from their Heavenly Father after telling them to receive the Holy Ghost. Vickie said it was a great blessing. I have no doubt that it was. After I thanked the Bishop for being our witness and assisting Jared and they left, I stayed out in the hall. There was clearly no need to go in anymore. I got a little irritated that no one in my family thought to look for me or make sure I was even in the room. In my rising irritation, I shed a few tears in self-pity. I've waited so long for this day. So close, yet so far away. *sigh*

No use in crying over spilled milk. It's a part of the sacrifice of being mom. What's done is done and at least Cooper wanted to get baptized. That kid very much enjoys exercising his free agency. He will not do anything he does not want to do. So the fact that today even took place is a miracle to me. And I'm grateful.

Cooper with his 2nd grade teacher...the amazing Mrs. Vick who took time to come all the way from Sherwood to support Cooper in his special day.

Cooper with Grandma and Grandpa Hough

Cooper's such a poser!

When we got home, Cooper was able to talk to Grandma and Grandpa Lee through Skype and then he got to open belated birthday presents from Grandma and Grandpa Hough (and Uncle Kevin and Aunt Chris and kids) and open his baptism gifts...a new set of green scriptures and a green carrying case. And tonight, we're off to the ward Halloween chili cook-off and costume parade for the kids. For a kid, it can't get much better than that!

Brother cubs

Cooper's first day in scouts was a pack meeting so he and Jake got to go together. Cooper also received his Bobcat award that he had earned. I'm excited for the adventures ahead of Cooper as he spends the next three years in Cub Scouting. Maybe it'll be easier for all of us now that Jake's paved the way and we know a little better what we're doing this time around. Jake and Cooper will have two months as brother cubs before Jake's on his way out. Onward and upward to Boys Scouts for him.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good-bye Green

It's been 5 months to the day since I last posted. I had the mistaken idea that I'd have PLENTY 'O TIME during the summer to manage and keep this up-to-date. Silly, silly me.

But...for those who are interested, we finally said good-bye to the green in our living room. It had to go. I didn't like it the second I saw it, 2 years ago. But Jared did. And to his credit, the green looked better than what was on the wall already, as it clashed with the beige in our dining room above the red.

But I couldn't stomach the thought of painting this room again (even though we hired someone to do it the first time) nor could I figure out what color to paint that would go with the two colors in our dining room as well as the denim blue in our kitchen and family room. It was when I was at a friend's house that I noticed her brown color (toffee to be more specific) and it hit me like a truck. Brown would work!

Once we found a young man in our ward who we could hire (yes, we believe in outsourcing our jobs as much as possible--gotta boost that economy somehow and help these young men/women save for scouting activities, missions and college :), we made plans for him to do it this past Saturday. Of course it wasn't just the living room, but our entry walls as well.

Unfortunately there weren't enough hours in the day on Saturday to get it all done, but David came back and finished the job and touching up yesterday.


There's no doubt that the "melted chocolate" brown is MUCH better than the green. However, in the light, it casts more of an orange undertone that I wasn't expecting. It looked much darker to me when we put some test paint up, which is what I wanted. I don't know how you can truly know if you'll like the color or how it will be until it goes up on all the walls anyway.'ll work. (And here's my plug for getting the paint with primer already in it. It was worth every penny and went on the walls so well.)

Of course our furniture still doesn't look great with the new wall color and our bookshelves and most picture frames clash now, but we'll replace those things...eventually.

AND...if you're looking for a hard working young man, David Waters is your guy. He's in our ward (Farmington). We hired him to dig up stumps a year ago and he did great out there. This was the first time he's worked inside for us and we were very pleased. If you need his number/rate, let me know.

Thanks David!