Sunday, October 30, 2011

A hunting we will go...

In an attempt to be more self-reliant and to cut back on the cost of meat, Jared bought a general deer tag and hunting license and invested his Wed. and Thurs. mornings this month (before work) to hunt in Vernonia with a friend who lives there. Sadly, it was a no-go for all those mornings. Too warm, no sightings whatsoever, too foggy, etc.

Yesterday was the only Saturday Jared could get up there and dedicate the day to it.

I got a call from Jared around 9am.

The good news: he shot a deer.
The bad news: it was the wrong one.

The good news: he was honest in reporting it immediately.
The bad news: he had to wait around for the authorities to come.

The good news: he didn't commit a crime.
The bad news: he committed a violation.

The good news: he was "only" fined $345 and was allowed to keep his tag, rifle, and ammo.
The bad news: there goes our Christmas budget.

The good news: (per Jenn) yesterday was his last day to hunt.
The bad news: (per Jared) yesterday was his last day to hunt.

Jared and his friend were in the truck when Rick spotted a buck down below in a wooded ravine. He told Jared to go around the front of the truck to get his shot. Jared walked around, saw the deer down below in some thick trees and took aim. The head at that time was behind a tree trunk. Jared took his shot.That's when Rick yelled from the truck window "You shot the wrong one!" Jared's like, "Whatdaya mean I shot the wrong one??" It was the only deer that Jared saw. Apparently the deer Rick had seen was a buck, but by the time Jared got positioned, the deer he saw was really a doe that had been behind the buck, so Rick didn't see it.

Unfortunately, Jared didn't produce a rookie shot...the bullet went right through the heart.

Fortunately, after calling the deer police, the authorities showed up within an hour. Jared knew he'd be fined but also knew he could lose his tag, and sometimes they confiscate your gun and ammunition too depending on the mood of the officer you get. We were told by friends that if Jared pleads guilty (which he fully admits to) some of the money from the fine could be returned to us. So we'll see. This quest to save money got awfully expensive, awfully fast. I'm thinking we should skip elk season next month!

When I told Jake that Jared had shot the wrong deer, Jake was bewildered. I clarified by telling him he shot a doe not a buck. Jake asked, "didn't he see the deer didn't have antlers?" I told him the deer's head was behind a tree. His confusion continued. "Then why didn't he reposition himself so he could see the head?" Good question Jake! ;)

Jared reports too that in all his days of hunting from his high school years until now...this is the first deer he's ever shot. Ever. And it was the wrong one. And I can't help but break out in song from the Sound of Music, "Do, a deer, a female deer. Re, a drop of morning sun. Me, a name I call myself..."