Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Complete Set

Now we have a Calvin to go with our Hobbes!

Calvin Wray Hough decided to come into the world on Thursday, May 1, 2008 at 3:35am. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 1 oz. and was measured at 18 1/2 inches long.

Grandma and Grandpa Lee were at the hospital with us hoping they'd be able to see Calvin before they had to leave at 4am to catch an early flight to my brother Mike's graduation in Utah. Calvin came with about 20 minutes to spare for which we were all grateful.

Jenn didn't get her April baby for the diamond birthstone. (Bummer) But she is grateful he came early enough prior to her due date and on my sister Kelly's 40th birthday, too.

Jake and Cooper are thrilled with their little brother and hold him as often as they can. Every time Karcyn sees him she says "nigh nigh" because he's usually asleep. She gives him great kisses on his little head and is handling this new change very well so far.

We have a Hobbes

One of my favorite gifts was from my parents. A little stuffed tiger. I finally got a Hobbes. Now we just needed a Calvin to go with it.

Birthday Celebration

I had a fabulous birthday on Tuesday. It was a busy morning and afternoon filled with visiting teaching, grocery shopping, & an OB appointment (that would hopefully be my last for a while).

Jared was home early from work as he usually is on Tuesdays, so we decided to do gifts with the kids before we went out with my parents for the evening. Earlier in the morning, Cooper asked me if we were having a cake and I said "Probably not." Most of my birthdays go without a cake because Jared forgets to make one. And then I didn't think any more of his question as I ran off to do my visiting teaching.

When we got gathered for the celebration with the kids later that afternoon, in walked Cooper, grinning from ear to ear singing "Happy Birthday" and carrying a beautiful chocolate cake! He and my mom had very sneakily made one for me while I was out during one of my errands. They worked hard to get rid of all the evidence before I returned, including having my dad make a batch of his famous nachos with onions and jalapenos to cover up the chocolate smell! It worked. I had no clue! And fun for us...we all got yummy cake before we had dinner.

Dinner was spent at Go-Gos Mongolian Barbeque (you eat for free on your birthday). It was also spent timing contractions. So we decided to go to Home Depot to get a couple of things. The guys went in one direction, Mom and I went in another hoofing it up and down the aisles while she kept track of the times that the contractions came. Maybe I'd get my April baby after all! It was still early when we finished up at Home Depot so we headed to the bowling alley. Everyone was off on their game but me. Everyone knows how to bowl with technique but me. So it was kind of ironic that the one bowler with her own personal bowling ball attached to her body who was timing contractions would do so well. I even broke 100! Mom and Dad actually got back on their game and survived with respectable scores. I was told never to utter Jared's score for this game so long as we shall live. And I'd like to live to see my next birthday, so we'll just leave it at that.

It was a lovely day. I loved all my gifts and having my parents with us and all the phone calls and visits and cards from friends and family. Thank you!!